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Ebernoe parish meeting 2nd June 2016

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The Ebernoe Parish Council Meeting was held on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at 7.30pm in the Cricket Pavilion.


Present: Mrs A. Tyrrell (Chairman), Ms F. Abraham, Mrs F. Hughes, Mrs. S. Kendall, Mrs S. Nyfield, Mr I. Parkinson and Mr P. Simmonds.


In attendance: Mrs J Duncton (District Councillor and County Councillor), Mrs H. Scott (Parish Clerk), Mr P. Bouichat (Guest), and three members of the public.


30. Super Fast Broadband

The Chairman introduced Paul Bouichat, Senior Project Manager for West Sussex BT. He is the 'Contract Owner' and the link between BT and WSCC.

The Chairman then outlined the key points from the Rural West Sussex Digital Access Summit held on 20th November 2015 and Paul Bouichat responded to questions from Councillors :-

- Nick Herbert MP stated at the summit that 15% of premises in his constituency not likely to receive faster broadband as opposed to national figure of 95%, by 2017

- Prime Minister announced universal coverage by 2020 but no funding plans in place - private sector to work with government to fund.

- Debate on how decisions made relating to who received faster broadband - in Hampshire decisions made locally, WSCC held open market review – all service providers given all post codes in county, post codes receiving faster broadband then excluded, remaining post codes then prioritised on value for money basis with a cost cap in place. BT was the only provider willing to undertake this work and BT came up with package to provide services to post codes within the cost cap.

- no new funding for rural communities not included in current works.

- Potential Solutions

- wait until universal services by 2020

- some individuals may be eligible for satellite provision – £350 voucher system to be introduced from 18.12.2015. This will cover connection, installation and equipment but will not cover any other costs. Likely to be a £33 per month contract fee. Not suitable for vpns or Skype.

- Parish contracts with BT to provide services and finds funding for this work.

- Paul to investigate costs re provision of superfast broadband to Ebernoe and to ensure all postcodes for Ebernoe area included. Paul would like numbers of businesses and people working from home in Ebernoe area.

- Businesses can apply for funding up to maximum of £25,000 with 40% cap.

- Gainshare – when up take nears 30% BT will be in position to pay WSCC £2 million with next couple of years?

- Chairman to write to Nick Herbert MP

31. Henry (Tinker) Carr

The Chairman announced the passing of Henry (Tinker) Carr, he had been a long standing member of Ebernoe Parish Council. The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, wishes to pass on condolences to his family.

32. Apologies for absence received – none

33.Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 25th August2015, and the Additional Pariah meeting held on 6th October 2015, having previously been circulated, were approved and signed.

34. Matters arising

The Queen's Birthday 12th June 2016 - Councillors agree to have a 'bring your own picnic' on the green to celebrate the occasion.

Mr I. Parkinson confirmed that the work to the bus shelter at Balls Cross was in the pipeline.

35. Defibrillators

The Chairman advised that the process to apply for defibrillators from British Heart Foundation has changed but the application form will be completed in due course. Mr P. Simmonds advised that the costs to provide CCTV were prohibitive. Chairman confirmed that the Cricket Club would provide a sensor light above the defibrillator.

36. Crouchlands Biogas

A request for financial assistance was received from Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council, to help with the cost of legal fees regarding the planning appeals by Crouchlands Biogas. Following a brief discussion councillors felt unable to provide financial assistance given the council's very limited resources. Parish Clerk to contact Plaistow and Ifold and advise accordingly.

37.Chairman's Report

See Broadband report above

38. County and District Councillor's Report

County and District Councils are working on 2016/17 budgets.

Budgets will be set in February 2016 and there may be a small increase in the County Budget. The Government gradually reducing grant available but councils will get an increase in revenue from Business Rates.

The recently opened solar farm will be generating income for the District Council.

The County has agreed to accept 240 Syrian refugees over the next five years.

LEADER (European funding) is available for new small businesses providing employment in the countryside i.e. forestry and agriculture industries. Small businesses are encouraged to put in bids for this funding

Mrs J. Duncton asked to be copied into all correspondence relating to Broadband as she is deputy to Cabinet Member with responsibility for digital services, Mr D. Barling.

Query raised over potential underspend in WSCC broadband budget - £1.9 million?

Mrs. J. Duncton currently chairing Highways task and finish group.

New Meals on Wheels service now in operation.

Mrs J Duncton confirmed that there are no long term plans for Herbert Shiner as yet.

39. Financial Report

Present bank balances:

Current Account £2238.13

Deposit Account £1921.94


Expenditure approved

Ebernoe Cricket Club room hire x 2 £ 20.00

Mr P Mellersh Bus Shelter rent £ 15.00

Mr J C Wadey Winter plan £ 300.00

Mrs H Scott Clerks Expenses £ 272.25

Ebernoe Cricket Club (New Homes Bonus) £ 400.00


Income received

Half yearly precept £836.00

News Homes Bonus £400.00

Changes to Bank Signatories

Bank signatories are out of date and three names need to be removed as no longer on parish council. Councillors agreed to remove signatures and all parish councillors and parish clerk to be signatories. Relevant forms signed and will be forwarded to bank.

External Audit External auditor certificate and report 2014/15 received

Notice of conclusion of the audit and right to inspect the Annual return for year ended 31st March 2015 will be displayed on notice boards from 25th November 2015.

Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities (turnover under £25,000.)

This code became mandatory from 1st April 2015 and requires the online publication of key spending, and other governance i.e. agendas, minutes, community assets, and to be free of charge to the electorate.

A Transparency fund has been set up to support small parish councils to become web enabled and compliant with the code. This funding is delivered through the National Association of Local Councils. The grant application forms have been released with a closing date of 10th February 2016.

Parish Councils can be compliant by creating their own website or accessing district council websites. An example of costs of setting up a website is £500 +VAT for the first year with annual running costs thereafter at £125 +VAT.

Councillors agreed, in the first instance, to pursue the district council website option initially. Councillor Mrs. J. Duncton to notify parish clerk of relevant officer at CDC to discuss this matter further.

The Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015 and

Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014

From the start of the 2017/18 financial year smaller authorities, including parish councils, can choose to have an auditor appointed to them by a new 'sector-led body' or they can decide to procure their own but they must have an auditor appointed as a legal requirement.

Smaller authorities with a turnover below £25.000 are required to complete and publish an Annual Return but will no longer be required to submit it for audit. However they still need to have an auditor appointed in case there are questions from electors to be resolved.

The National Association of Local Authorities (NALC) is working with other relevant authorities to procure audit services for smaller authorities from 2017/18. (Sector Led Body)

Smaller authorities will automatically be included in the procurement services, it is estimated that the one off set up fee will be less than £100 however this may be subject to change when the SLB is set up.

If we wish to opt out of these new audit arrangements we need to notify NALC by 31st January 2016.

The decision to opt out must be taken at a formal meeting of the council and as such every council who is eligible to opt out needs to actually formally consider if they are going to.

All authorities who wish to out out must make their own arrangements with auditors, which will include but is not limited to the following:

-establishing an Auditor panel;

-following a statutory appointment process set out in regulations;

-appointing an auditor by 31 December 2016;

providing SLB with the contact details of auditor.

Councillors agreed to opt in to the SLB audit procurement services for smaller authorities from 2017/18.

40. Precept 2016-2017

Draft precept £1788 Proposed by Mrs S Kendall and seconded by Ms F Abraham and approved by councillors.

41. Planning Update

There have been two new planning applications:-

SDNP/15/04967/TPO Ebernoe Common Nature Reserve – Pollarding, coppicing and felling works – agreed - no objection.

SDNP/15/05557/HOUS The Old Vicarage – replacement conservatory and associated works.

- agreed – no objection.

One planning application has been withdrawn:-

SDNP/15/01703/FUL Colhook Farmhouse

One planning application has been amended:-

SDNP/14/05298/ADV – Ebernoe Common Nature Reserve – removal of one introductory board from application.

42. Correspondence

Notification from SALC and NALC re increase to 2016 subscription charges

Victims Support – application for a grant 2015/16 – agreed this would be discussed at next meeting when S137 grants approved.

43.Any other matters from councillors and parishioners present

Mrs F. Hughes reported advised that the telephone box had been vandalised again, resulting in two broken panes. The Chairman advised that the telephone was also out of order. This willbe reportedon BT's complaints line.



Date of next meeting 23rd February 2016

The meeting closed at 9.20 pm