We had a wonderful afternoon - the dog show was a great success, the races were good fun and the tug of war was hilarious especially when the rope snapped!. The ladies team excelled in defeat but throughly enjoyed the occasion.

The birthday tea and the cake was delicious and enjoyed by all.

The children enjoyed the bouncy castle and receivng their medallions.

The Royal Quiz provided a fitting end to the festivities - very challenging!

We hope you will enjoy some of the pictures below 











Some of the children who received medallions from the parish council to celebrate the Queen's birthday

cake fit for a queen

Queen drops in for tea

watching events with the Queen

watching events with the Queen

Help! the rope snapped during the tug of war - oophs!

are we winning?

come on guys

what are we waiting for!

waiting for the dog show

dog show judges

final of the egg and spoon race

testing out the bouncy castle

quiz masters in action

enjoying the afternoon